Anatomical Medical Laboratories Inc (AMLI)

For more than thirty years, AMLI has been known for its superb anatomical and cytological services. The Laboratory is under the direction of Affiliated Pathologists, P.A. These Pathologist are responsible for the quality of the service provided. The laboratory is always accessible to the pathologist, who can use the immediacy of an in house lab to order specific testing procedure for each case. Also well known is the personal and confidential care given to each client. The quality, personal service, pathology backup, quick turnaround time and pricing all add up to a total service package which is hard to beat in the competitive and ever-changing laboratory market. AMLI continually strives to stay up with the increasing changes of the technological advances that clients require, for instance the acquisition of the latest piece of laboratory equipment Hologic Gen-Probe, The Panther

Quality control is closely monitored by both internal quality assurance programs and proficiency testing programs of the College of American Pathologists.

Mission and Values Statement

  • We are dedicated to ensuring quality healthcare by providing consistently accurate and meaningful tests in a rapid cost-effective manner
  • We promote continued improvement in operation and service through problem-solving and education
  • We respect personal and professional integrity
  • We are committed in our partnership with our clients to provide expertise and guidance through our scope of services.

For more information contact Cindy Bird, Lab Supervisor at 940-384-6210