The Panther


The Panther!

Introducing the PANTHER!

At the APPA Group and AMLI we strive to bring you the latest in diagnostic technologies. Our lab is tailored to provide our pathologists with what they need to make the correct and immediate diagnosis, providing the attending physician with information for further diagnosis and possible treatment alternatives. Our new Gen-Probe, PANTHER gives us the ability to keep more testing in house and allows us to provide quicker services.

Hologic Gen-Probe Diagnostic Products

Hologic Gen-Probe introduces the PANTHER system-designed to unleash the power and simplicity of fully automated chemistry and immunoassay instrumentation for the molecular diagnostics world. Created to be a “sample-in-result-out” instrument, the PANTHER system eliminates batch processing and automates all aspects of nucleic acid testing on a single, integrated platform. The PANTHER’s extensive list of features includes a bi-directional host interface, the ability to test multiple analytes from a single tube, positive sample identification, random access and full automation for true walkaway freedom; combined with intuitive design for ease of use-working together to help small- to medium-sized laboratories maximize operator efficiency and productivity.

The PANTHER System automates all phases of molecular diagnostics testing from sample preparation, amplification, and detection to reporting results. Integrating the PANTHER System with APTIMA assay kits for NAT offers confidence in results with true freedom from hands-on processing.

Panther product shot